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Hawthorne JD Baseball Rules

Will follow High School Baseball Rules as closely as possible with the following provisions:


Ages from 12-16 (May 1st cut off) 7-11th Grades.

Home team will be on First Base Bench (dugout).

No inning will be started after 10 pm. Any inning in progress to be completed fully.

Umpires will go over ground rules with coaches before each game. Coaches must inform umpires of ground rules and both coaches must be in agreement. Coaches must explain to players said ground rules.

Each team must keep an accurate scorebook of the game play and pitch count to help resolve any discrepancies.

10 Run mercy rule after 5 complete innings.

Games will be counted after 4 complete innings.

Teams can play with 8 players. Anyone arriving late will be placed at bottom of lineup.

All players will bat (Roster Bat) regardless of number of players for each team. 

7th & 8th Graders allowed to use USA aluminum bat, drop 3 (high school approved). 9-11th graders use Wood drop 3.

Metal Spikes are allowed. 

Catchers must wear full protective gear including helmet with faceguard & throat guard, chest protector, shin guards and protective cup. Any player warming up a pitcher must wear helmet with faceguard & throat guard.

All players under 16 should wear heart guard protector. 16 year olds are encouraged to wear one as well.

All batters and base runners must wear helmets when on the playing field at all times. Any coaches in high school must wear helmets when on the playing field coaching at all times.

Head first sliding is allowed going into and back to any base except home.  Only feet first sliding is allowed into home plate.  Infielders must not block base runners advancement.

Base runner on any contended play at 2nd, 3rd or home must slide to avoid contact.

No stealing of home plate. Base runner on 3rd can advance to home on an overthrow to any base only. 

Players can be substituted in and out regardless of inning, except Pitchers. Once pitcher is removed from the mound they can not be placed back as pitcher.

No high school pitcher can pitch at JD until after the high school season ends. JD pitchers are aged 12-15. Once turning 16 a player can no longer pitch. 

Pitch count:

13 year old pitchers, max 80 pitches but can finish batter. 30-50 pitches 1 full day rest, over 50 pitches 2 full days rest. Rest days start the day after pitcher pitches.

14-15 year old pitchers, max 95 pitches but can finish batter. 40-60 pitches 1 full day rest, over 60 pitches 2 full days rest. Rest days start the day after pitcher pitches.

No Balks will be called. Coaches/Umpires may stop play and instruct players.

No shifts allowed. Two infielders on each side of second base and 3 outfielders in traditional positions.

Courtesy runners allowed for Catcher and Pitcher with 2 outs.  Lasted batted out(s) player(s) used.

JD approved hat or high school team hats are allowed to be worn by players.

Teams are expected to show sportsmanship before and after each game. Handshake lineups after the game are encouraged by both teams. Coaches are responsible for the actions of their players and assistant coaches. No abusing of the umpire, use of foul language, gestures or fighting will be tolerated.  Any violation will be reviewed by Disciplinary Committee which is comprised of the managers of all teams.

The winning coach is responsible for submitting the final game score to the league.

All Coaches must rake pitchers mound and ALL bases after each game. Bases to be put into JD Shed after each game or practice. Tarp to be placed on pitchers mound.

Extra Inning-Depending upon time, 1 inning is mandatory.  10:00 pm limits still in effect.

Playoffs will be decided based upon regular season record (winning percentage), head to head games & run differential (subtraction of runs scored for a team and runs allowed by a team).

Playoff games will have no time limit.  A 10 run mercy rule will be in effect after 6 complete innings.